+ So, I registered for tickets. Now what?

Hold tight! We start releasing tickets two weeks out from the event, and will continue to release tickets until the event is sold out.

+ How much are tickets if I'm successful in the ballot?

Tickets range from $15 for some of our charity events, to $30 plus booking fees.

+ What are my chances of getting a ticket in the ballot?

Your chances are around one in ten for women and one in two for men. If you don't get an access code this time, please try again next month (or find someone to be your wingman and skip the ballot!)

+ I don't have any friends of the opposite sex and i keep missing out in the ballot!

Unfortunately we can't bump you up in the ballot, as that wouldn't be fair to everyone else. We really, really appreciate your patience. We have known people to bring Tinder matches as their wingmen, if you wanna give that a go. So long as they're not assholes, we're good.

+ Are there door sales?

We do occasionally have door spots, if we find we have an uneven number of attendees on the night. If you wanna try your luck, just turn up no later than half an hour after the advertised start time and bring cash.

+ Can I just come and hang out at the bar?

We usually book venues exclusively, meaning only those who've purchased tickets can come in. We do this for the privacy of our guests.

+ I'm over your age limit. What gives?

We're not age-ist, we're just very aware that most speed dating events are for people who are 35+ (often exclusively!) We'd prefer to spend our time throwing events for those who don't already have heaps of IRL dating options like young people and LGBTQI+ folk. We do hold the odd event where we'll push the age bracket up to 40, but they're few and far between. We're sorry. Here are some sexy photos of Meryl Streep to remind you being old(er) is a beautiful thing.

+ I got a ticket (yay!) Now... what should I wear?

Please don't stress out about what to wear, or who to make eye contact with. Let's keep things casual. Just... erm... don't wear a suit, ok?

+ How will the night work?

You'll go on twenty odd dates, each four minutes long. You won't have to exchange contact details in person and your phone number is only given out where both of you have said yes. You won't date everyone, but there'll be time to chat to those you didn't date.

+ Do I get free drinks for showing up?

Nah. We know some speed dating "services" bribe their guests with free drinks (lol), but we have full confidence in the fun factor of our events, so don't feel the need for bribes. Please also keep in mind, many of these other companies charge $60+ a ticket.

+ What should I talk about with my dates

Burgers, dogs, travel plans... whatever. If you're worried that your nerves will get the better of you and you'll end up asking "so, what do you do?" twenty times, check out this or this or this.

+ That was so much fun! How long until I get my matches?

We send matches out within 48 hours, in time for the weekend!